Reading Club reaches 50 Nights Nov. 14th

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve almost completed 50 nights of reading. 

After November 14th you can drop off your yellow forms in the library and pick up your new orange form for 100 nights.

Students’ names will be posted on the bulletin board across from the library and beside the lunch room.  We will recognize the Reading Club as a group at the assembly on Nov. 28th.  There will also be a draw for some great books for some lucky readers!

Thank you to parents for helping your child develop a lifetime habit of reading.

How far do you think we’ve traveled? Remember that 50 nights = 50 km. Every student or staff member who completed a form would count as 50 km. Post your answer here and the closest estimate will win a prize at the assembly.  Please include your first name and division in your comment.

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