Winter Intermediate Gr 4,5

This term students have been working with VEX IQ robots. In their teams they will be building the basic model and learning how it works using a controller. Next, students will work as team to movie their robot through an obstacle course. Finally, students will learn how to use the VEX IQ programming language, RobotC. Their final challenge will be to move their robot through a course with a program they have written.

Here are some reflections on our first challenge:

  • I wonder what we could do if we had more time.
  • I learned using the controller was a lot harder than I thought.
  • Next time, I will remember to keep the robot safe.
  • I wonder if we can have a race.

On Monday, February 6th we began learning about programming.  Students we given a demonstration and then practised downloading basic movements to their robot like moving forwards, moving backwards, swing turns and point turns.  

Stay tuned for more! 

Below are the students’ movies about their VEX Robotics experience. Enjoy!