Happy Love Your School Library Day!

We all know February 14th is Valentines Day, but did you know it is also Love Your School Library Day?  This week I invited our school to share what they love about our library.  

  What do I love about our library?

  • I love it when students rush to choose books after my book talks.
  • I love it when someone finds just the book they were looking for.
  • I love it when students put books on hold because they just can’t wait to read them.
  • I love it when classes are reading in the library and they don’t want to leave. Sorry teachers. 
  • I love it when someone comes to share a book they’ve written and wants to add it to our student author basket.
  • I love it when we’re in the middle of an inquiry project and the students are so excited about learning.
  • I love it when I have to tell my library monitors to stop reading and get back to work.
  • I love my parent volunteers who make everything run smoothly.  Thank you!
  • I love that this list could go on forever.
  • I love being the teacher librarian at South Slope/BCSD!

Happy Love Your School Library Day! Please come and visit to find a book you’ll love.