Division 2


Final presentation criteria


Please note that the final presentation date has been extended until April 15th.  Your presentation (powerpoint, popplet, poster, etc) should be mostly complete by April 8th.  Next week you will practise the oral part of your presentation. 

Project Calendar

March 4

Part 2: Burnaby Notes due March 7th

Criteria and format for works cited page due with your final project:

Works Cited

Recommended search engine for information about your developing country:


Country Choices:
Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, or Uganda.

Recommended online sources for researching your country:

World Book student– access through Web Resources under the library tab on the school home page. You can listen to the article being read aloud.

National geographic
Not all countries are represented here.

Global Trek

Mr. Belliveau and Ms. Borgenstrom have copies of articles from a variety of sources in your classroom.  Please ask them for a copy. Books from the library on your countries are also available in your classrooms.

February 18th

Water Unit:

Essential Question: Why is access to clean drinking water important to all people?

Learning intentions for today:

To understand how we in Burnaby access clean drinking water.

Explore these to sites to answer the questions we generate today.

Burnaby City web site

Metro Vancouver web site – Services – Water Treatment and Supply

September 19th

We want to know about your reading habits so we can help you find books you’ll love.

Please complete the surveys below.

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  1. it was easy to do and i think it would be helpful for the teachers and the parents trying to get there kids to read and it can help your vocabulary grow and it can exersize the mind.

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