Div 2 2017/18

Term 2

In term 3 Division 2 came to the library for ADST Maker Lab for five sessions.  Applied Design Skills Technologies is an important part of our revised curriculum.  Our Learning Intentions for these sessions were to:

1)Develop the Core Competencies of:

  • Communication
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility
  • Creative and Critical Thinking

2) Generate ideas, make something, test it, improve it, share it, reflect on our thinking.

Our maker lab included a variety of materials and technologies.  Students chose the station they wished to visit to learn, play and explore.  Stations included:

  • Coding with Sphero robots
  • Making music with GarageBand
  • Making and learning about electricity with Electronic Snap Circuits and LittleBits
  • Designing and building with Keva planks
  • Designed and creating with Lego 
  • Drawing at the Graffiti Board
  • Inventing with Makey Makey

Before and after each session students reflected on how they would know if they were successful and connected their evidence to “I”statements from the Core Competencies as well as the ADST Curricular Competencies. 

After our last session, students completed a written reflection in Google Classroom about what they learned noticed and wondered during ADST Maker Lab.  They also wrote a self assessment for the Core Competencies. 

Nov. 2

I hope you enjoyed our visit with author Shane Peacock. Take a few minutes and turn and talk to someone beside you about the presentation. What did you learn, notice and wonder? What was your favourite part? Next, make a post on the padlet below. I will share it with Mr. Peacock so he can read your reflections.

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Sept. 20

Ms. Skuse and I want to know more about you as a reader.  Please complete the survey below and read the white board for further instructions.



Welcome back!

What did you read this summer? Please share on the padlet below and leave a comment on someone else’s post.


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