Spring 2017 Primary

This term the grade 2 and 3 students began with an exploration of electronic circuits called littleBits.  We learned that each circuit has a power source, an input and and output.  We explored how they worked and how to use them in a variety of cool and fun ways.  After we were familiar with them, students were asked to Make something Magnificent.  We read The Most Magnificent thing by Ashley Spires.  Then students worked in groups with some littleBits and a variety of materials to make their magnificent thing.  We learned about the design process: Brainstorm, Plan, Build, Test, Redesign and start all over again. When they were done students presented their creations to the group.We hope you enjoy this short movie about their “magnificent” projects:

Our Magnificent Things from South Slope/ BCSD Library on Vimeo.

After littleBits students worked with another cool new technology: Makey Makey.  What is Makey Makey? 

“Makey Makey is perfect for the classroom. Students can invent projects that combine the tactile materials of the classroom with the coding projects they’re creating on the computer to bring their creations to life.

With the Makey Makey, students can make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer. Because it comes preprogrammed, students with no coding experience can use it and learn to experiment with it as they start to learn coding.”

Students experimented with different materials and learned what materials conduct electricity and what materials act as insulators. We had a lot of fun!!!

Finally, in teams, students participated in design challenges using everyday materials like straws, newspaper, paperclips, marshmallows, tape and pipe cleaners. Teams were given a limited amount of materials to complete tasks such as building the longest bridge, creating a structure that can bear weight and building the tallest structure that can be turned upside down and remain standing. Students reflected afterwards that their success depended on staying focused and working as team.

Making Materials Work from South Slope/ BCSD Library on Vimeo.