And the winner is…

The votes are in and South Slope/BCSD has chosen their Canadian Picture Book of the Year.  The nominees were:

fox HowTo Man-with-the-violin MyNameIsBlessing WhereDoYouLook

And the winner is…


If you haven’t read these books yet, please come and check them out from the library.  Also, check out the display outside the library to read comments from students about their choices.

Genevieve Cote update!

Two posts ago I told you about the kindergarten classes writing and sending their drawings to Canadian author, Genevieve Cote.  Well, guess what? She replied with a lovely note and I shared it with both classes.  Here is her message:

Dear Ms. Araujo,
Your message – and those drawings! – went straight to my heart!
Those little pigs and bunnies, coming from the other side of the country, brightened my day so much, I cannot thank you enough for sending them to me!
Please hug every one of your little illustrators from me, and do tell them their drawings are very special, each and every one of them!
A thousand thanks again, and warm wishes,
We were so excited to hear from an author and illustrator! Hopefully we can meet more authors in the future.


Book Fair a success!

Last week the library was transformed into the Scholastic Book Fair.  We raised over $1000 in books for the school library and had lots of fun.  Thank you to all the volunteers, parents and staff, who made the fair possible.