Fall 2017 Intermediate 6/7

This term students participated in activities designed to develop many Curricular Competencies for Applied Design, Skills and Technologies and the Core Competencies of Creative and Critical thinking, Communication and Personal and Social Responsibility. Students focused on learning how to code using Sphero robots and to tell a story using code. Throughout, students were asked to reflect on their learning and how they were developing Curricular and Core Competencies.

Each group first learned the fundamentals of coding the Sphero with block coding. They created code that directed their robot to move in a square, change colour, make sounds, and more.  They learned how to incorporate loops and if, then statements to make their code more efficient.  Next, students were asked to create a story with their Sphero and develop a plan. 

Our stories included: Spheroella; Sphero: Lost in the library; Sphero: A Documentary; Sphero Maze: I wonder where this goes. 

Our reflections (What we learned, noticed and wonder):