Div. 5 2017/18

Div. 5 

For 5 sessions in term 3 Division 5 came to the library for ADST Maker Lab.  Applied Design Skills Technologies is an important part of our revised curriculum.  Our Learning Intentions for these sessions were to:

1)Develop the Core Competencies of:

  • Communication
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility
  • Creative and Critical Thinking

2) Generate ideas, make something, test it, improve it, share it, reflect on our thinking.

Our maker lab included a variety of materials and technologies.  Students chose the station they wished to visit to learn, play and explore.  Stations included:

  • Coding with Sphero robots
  • Making music with GarageBand
  • Making and learning about electricity with Electronic Snap Circuits and LittleBits
  • Designing and building with Keva planks
  • Designed and creating with Lego 
  • Drawing at the Graffiti Board
  • Inventing with Makey Makey























Students reflected on their successes and goals each week.  These are some of the “I” statements they chose from to reflect on what they did in Maker Lab. 

  • I expressed my ideas or listened to others’ ideas.
  • I reflected on what was easy and challenging.
  • I can celebrated my efforts and accomplishments.
  • I can advocate for myself and my ideas.
  • I can persevere with challenging tasks.
  • I can make choices that benefit my well-being and keep me safe.
  • I can use strategies to find peace in stressful times.
  • I analyzed our process and looked for ways (sequences) to make it better.
  • I deliberately learn a lot about something so that I am able to generate new ideas or ideas just pop into my head.
  • I can look at my ideas against a criteria and constraints.
  • I can come up with simple stepped solutions.
  • I can construct a product and make changes to make it work.
  • I can reflect on my problem solving thinking process.
  • I can identify new design challenges. 

During our last session students were asked to choose something they wanted to document and Ms. Keilty and Ms. Araujo took photos.  These photos will be used for students to reflect on their learning and experiences in ADST Maker Lab. 


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Sept. 21

Ms. Keilty and I would like to learn more about you as a reader.  Please complete the survey below and then follow the instructions on the whiteboard for what to do next.


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