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Welcome to the Reading Club!  Every student and staff member at South Slope/ BCSD is automatically a member of the club.  We will continue to put the focus on community, recognition.and reading for fun!

When your child student completes their reading record form, s/he returns the form to school and receives a new form.  Students will be recognized individually on a bulletin board in the school and as a group at our Celebration of Learning assemblies.  Students who complete 250 nights of reading before the end of June will have a book dedicated to them and placed in our school library.

This year our goal continues to be to help kids develop a love of reading and read for fun. “Children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers, according to research from the Institute of Education (IOE).The IOE study, which is believed to be the first to examine the effect of reading for pleasure on cognitive development over time, found that children who read for pleasure made more progress in maths, vocabulary and spelling between the ages of 10 and 16 than those who rarely read.” To read the whole article click here.

We can’t do this without support at home.  Parents can help by encouraging their child to read every night (or be read to) for a minimum of 15 minutes and then sign the reading record form.  Make this a special time for you and your child, talk to them about their reading and model good habits by reading yourself. It is also very important that we honour children’s choices for reading.  Watch the video below for some reasons why:

Thank you for helping your child develop a lifetime habit of reading!   Please come and see me in the library if you have any questions or comments.

Mrs. Araujo



Start: September 26th

50 nights     November 14th

100 nights   January 3rd

150 nights   February 22nd

200 nights   April 13th

250 nights   June 2nd

4 responses to “Reading Club

  1. the book princess of the midnight ball was a fantastic book.

    • What did you like about the book, Angela? The characters, storyline, setting? I found I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

  2. Drama By Raina Telgemier is a very fantastic graphic novel which is the sequel to Smile By Raina Telgemier!

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