DEAR day and Pajama Day Oct 24th

When do you like to read?  Many of us at South Slope/ BCSD like to read before we go to bed. So… we’re inviting everyone to wear their pajamas on Monday, Oct. 24th.  At 12:15 everyone will Drop Everything And Read until 12:35.

Looking forward to a cozy reading time!


Helping the Homeless

Division 1 and 2 are researching how they can help the homeless.  They have chosen organizations to investigate and support. Stay tuned for more information on their project.



The World’s Largest Animals

On Monday, October 17th Division 8 was introduced to a new non-fiction series about the world’s largest animals. 

We read a book about the Red Kangaroo and learned what a “marsupial” was.

Are you interested in the world’s biggest animals?  Come to library and check it these books and more!

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To all the parents who volunteered at the Scholastic Book Fair.  It was a big success.  All proceeds will go to purchase resources for the library.


Mrs. Araujo 🙂


Searching the Web

Divisions 1 and 2 have been learning how to search for information online using a variety of sources.

We have looked at World Book Online.  A great reference that is available through our school district.  All students should have the password in their planners.  Please see Mrs. Araujo in the library if you need the password.

Webpath Express, available through Burnaby South’s library catalogue, is another way to search for sources of information.  It is available on the Library Home Page under Online Resources. Use Webpath Express in your research to find variety of sites that include site summaries and reading grade levels.

Need help finding what you’re looking for on the Internet?  Are you getting too many results?  Learn about Boolean searches using these sites:

Learn to Boolify

The Boolean Machine

How do you know whether a web site is reliable?  Use this checklist to help you:

Critical Evaluation of a Web site by Kathy Schrock

Any questions Division 1 and 2 students?  Please post them here or come and see me in the library.


Scholastic Book Fair Oct. 3 – Oct. 7 Room 219

The Scholastic Book Fair is here! Visit the fair next week in room 219 from Oct. 3 to Oct 7th.  It will be open at lunch and after school.  Every purchase supports your school library.   Thank you to the parents who are running the book fair this year.

Hope to see you at the fair!

Reading Club Begins!

Welcome to the Reading Club!  Every student and staff member at South Slope/ BCSD is automatically a member of the club.  This year we want to put the focus on community and recognition.

When your child student completes their reading record form, s/he returns the form to school and receives a new form.  Students will be recognized individually on a bulletin board in the school and as a group at our Celebration of Learning assemblies.  Students who complete 250 nights of reading before the end of June will have a book dedicated to them and placed in our school library.

Our community goal is to “Read Around the World”.  50 nights of reading will equal 50 kilometres. The more students and staff who participate; the farther we will travel.  We will have a school-wide celebration to celebrate how far we travel!.


Parents can help by encouraging their child to read every night (or be read to) for a minimum of 15 minutes and then sign the reading record form. 

Thank you for helping your child develop a lifetime habit of reading!   Please come and see me in the library if you have any questions or comments.

Mrs. Araujo