2015/16 Projects

Take a tour of our library with these videos created by grade 6 and 7 students from Division 1 in the Fall of 2015. Students used two apps: Tellagami and iMovie to create these movies. First we discussed the criteria. Then students, in partners, created a storyboard for their tour. Next they recorded their tour in Tellagami and imported the clips into iMovie. Finally, they edited their movie. This was our first time using these two apps together. There were some challenges, but the students worked hard and, I think, had a lot of fun. Please read some of their reflections below.

Reflections on our Library Tour movies:

  • We worked very hard on this. I would say next time I might use a real person’s voice.
  • I noticed making this movie was harder than we thought it would be.
  • I learned how to use iMovie and how to edit.  I noticed how quiet my voice is.
  • Next time we would use our actual voices so we could put in emotion.
  • Next time we will change the variety of our sentence starters.
  • We noticed that it’s quite hard to record.
  • I noticed throughout the project we got better at it.