Your Parent Advisory Council (PAC) offers seven awards of $750 each for graduating students. This award is given to students who can demonstrate a passion and a determination to succeed in their chosen career path, and who plan to pursue post-secondary education.  A grade average of “C” is all that is required.  It is easy to apply – simply write an essay of up 500 words telling us about yourself, your passions, and why you should get the award.

You must have attended Burnaby North for the last 12 months, are planning to attend a post-secondary institution by September and have maintained a minimum “C” average in grades 11 & 12.


7 @ $750 each

Due Date

in PAPER or by EMAIL to Ms. Mihic in 205 or Student Services or by APRIL 17, 2024 by 3PM.


Access application below or in Student Services Please organize all documents and, if emailing, save as one PDF (click here to learn how) in the following order:

  1. Application
  2. Essay (no names or identifying information please!)
  3. Transcript
  4. Resume (no names or identifying information please!)

Note: all identifying information will be redacted before being reviewed by the PAC committee so the less redaction Ms. Mihic has to do, the better!

Download here or: