How do I look for a scholarship?

All scholarship opportunities will be posted as blog posts on this site’s main page. Check regularly (monthly is good) to see what’s new. Check the calendar as well for due dates.

When should I apply for a scholarship?

Early and before the due date but make sure you have all the documents requested, including reference letters, before submitting. Most organizations will block you from submitting after cut off time. This also goes for scholarship applications to be mailed or submitted to Ms. Mihic in Student Services. Pay attention to the dates and instructions and follow them. Due dates will be posted under the Calendar section of the blog.

How do I ask my teacher for a reference letter?

Check the Reference Letters under the Home . Ask early and in person. Say thanks at the end.

I forgot to send in my application now what?

Too late. Set alarms/ alerts or whatever it is you need to do to submit applications on time.

I’m not sure where to begin.

Start by reading the Home tab and then working your way down. Complete the Student Profile form so Ms. Mihic knows you’re interested in potential scholarships. Go through the Scholarship PowerPoint presentation – unfortunately, there may not be an opportunity to have an in-person¬† presentation while under Covid-19 restrictions. Figure out who you could ask to be a referee (lots of universities and scholarships require character and/or academic references from students). This could be a teacher, coach, or club sponsor. You can ask them to be a referee and *potentially* ask them to write a reference letter for you if the opportunity arises.¬† Check out Requesting a Reference Letter for questions to ask of yourself and your referee.

I have a complicated question and would like to talk to someone about scholarships.

Contact Ms. Mihic in Student Service during blocks 2,4, or 6 in Student Services or in room 205.

I applied for a scholarship through a university website and it says to provide the name of a scholarship coordinator. Whose name to do I put down?

Dragana Mihic. 604-296-6875