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University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarships


A variety of scholarships for graduating students entering Waterloo University including (apply via Quest):

  • President’s  Scholarship  of Distinction ($2, 000)
  • President’s Scholarship ($2, 000)
  • Merit Scholarship ($1, 000)
  • Entrance scholarships sponsored by alumni and donors ($1, 000 – $5, 000)
  • International Student Entrance Scholarships ($10, 000)

Others (additional applications required); valued from ($1, 000 – $20, 000):


see above

Due Date

upon early May admission or April 15, 2021.


go to for specific details.


York University Entrance Scholarships and Financial Aid


Many high school applicants are admitted and offered entrance scholarships based on mid-year or “in-progress” results when their admission average is at or above 80%. All Entrance Scholarship amounts and eligibility are confirmed/finalized based on final grades. No award application required.


95%+ — $4,000 (renewable for 3 additional years)*
90-94.9%  — $2,500
85-89.9%  — $1,500
80-84.9%  — $1,000

Due Date

April 1, 2022.


If you are applying for a scholarship or award that requires you to submit supplementary documentation such as an essay/personal statement or reference letters, please submit these items in PDF format by email to Be sure to include your name and York reference number in the email. For awards that have a February 15 deadline (i.e. Governors’ Awards of Distinction and the Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Entrance Scholarship), required documents must be submitted by the applicable application deadline. For all other awards, the deadline to submit documentation is April 1, 2022. More details:


Kwantlen Polytechnique Major Entrance Scholarships & Awards


For students (including international) big admitted to KFU for Fall 2022.


KPU Major Entrance Scholarships

  • The President’s Scholarship ($20,000)
  • The Merit Scholarship ($5,000)
  • The Indigenous Entrance Scholarship ($5,000)

Donor-funded Entrance Awards

  • Awards range in value from $1,000 to $3,000
Due Date

April 14, 2022 

  • High school transcript including final Grade 11 marks and interim grades for English Studies 12 and all other academic Grade 12 courses, if available, or
  • Transfer document showing equivalent of a 3.67 transfer GPA on a minimum of 24 transferable university credits.

More details @


Western National Scholarship Program


Looking for  looking for high-potential applicants who excel in the classroom and in their extracurricular pursuits seeking to enroll at Western University in London Ontario.

  • One Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship valued at $72,000;
  • One President’s Entrance Scholarship valued at $70,000;
  • Four President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $65,000 and up to 15 more at $50,000;
  • Three International President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $50,000 for international (visa) students;
  • Up to 15 Faculty Entrance Scholarships valued at $30,000;
  • Up to 39 National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards valued up to $5,000;
  • Up to 50 National Merit Awards valued at $2,000 for one year.
Due Date

February 14, 2022 online or postmarked if by mail. YOU MUST CONSULT MS. MIHIC by Wednesday,  February 9th if you intend on applying for one of these scholarships!


Details can be found at: 

UBC Presidential Scholars and UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards


The Presidential Scholars Award program offers the awards available to students who are entering UBC. These awards recognize students who excel across the board and who have demonstrated academic and leadership achievements in the arts, community, athletics, and school. Must be a Canadian citizen.


Multiple one-time award of approximately $5,000, and renewable awards of up to $40,000 on the Okanagan campus, and $80,000 on the Vancouver campus, each payable over four years.

Due Date:

Must apply to UBC by December 1st, 2021.


Students wishing to be considered for a Presidential Scholars Award must apply to UBC by December 1. This includes paying the admission fee and completing all sections of your online application.

All high school applicants will be evaluated for the Presidential Scholars Award for their first-choice degree based on their Academic Profile and Personal Profile sections of the online application. We will not evaluate second-choice degrees for a Presidential Scholars Award.

University of Toronto Scholarships


The University of Toronto offers a wide variety of scholarships  to students who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional performance in a broad context. Some examples of scholarships offered are those demonstrating financial need, claim Indigenous ancestry, international scholars, identify as Black, and out-of-province students. So if you’re intending on going to University of Toronto (currently ranked as #18 in the world and #1 in Canada! ), be sure to check out this list!

Due Dates

Varies but most can be applied for when applying to U of T.

National Scholar Award Application  due October 21, 2021. 


Go to  to check out the list and details.

Post-Secondary Entrance Scholarships

Most post-secondary institutions offer some sort of entrance scholarship. For most institutions, all you need to do is apply to the institution; however, read through instructions carefully to see if you need to supply “extras” to be considered for a scholarship. Most institutions do not announce scholarship winners until late in the spring . Check out the list of institutions that have applications now open:

UBC – offers the Presidential Scholars Award (formerly Major Entrance Scholarship) of  a one-time award of approximately $5,000, and renewable awards of up to $80,000 payable over four years. Apply by December 1, 2021.

SFU – open to domestic and international students and valued  from $10,000 up to an amount sufficient to cover tuition and mandatory supplementary fees. Initial application due December 15, 2021; supporting documents and references due by January 31st, 2022. Recipients will be notified from mid-March to mid-May 2021.

BCIT – offers range from $1.000-4,000. Check site for details.

University of the Fraser Valley – deadline to apply is March 1st, 2022. Check site for details.

Capilano University- deadline to apply is March 1st, 2022. Range in offers and criteria. Check site for details.

Douglas College – offers a variety of one-time scholarships or awards of up to $3,500, and renewable scholarships or awards of up to $20,000, payable over four years. Minimum GPA and community service required for consideration.

Langara College – deadline to apply is February 2022.  Check site for details.

Kwantlen Polytechnique – TBA


University of Toronto – deadline to for early application  in November 7th, 2021; regular application deadline is January 15th. Check site for details.

McGill  University – deadline to apply is January 15,  2022.  Check site for details.

Waterloo University – deadline to apply is Feburary 18th,  2022.  Check site for details.

U of T Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship


The international student nominee should be a creative thinker with an exceptional academic record, who demonstrates creativity, is recognized as a leader within our school, and exhibits the potential to contribute positively to the global community in the future. The candidate must intend to begin University of Toronto study in September 2022 and must be currently enrolled in full-time academic studies or have graduated no earlier than June 2021. Please read through details before applying here:  

*Burnaby North can only nominate 1 student*


Full tuition over  4 years (including books)

Due Date

 Essay due to Ms Mihic in Student Services by 3pm on NOVEMBER 17, 2021 .



Interested students must write a 200 word essay describing how they are a leader in our school and 200 words on how they are a creative thinker. Essays must be handed into Ms. Mihic in Student Services by November 24, 2020.

Uggla Family Scholarship


 The Uggla Family Scholarship, which will be comprised of 10 full-ride opportunities for equity-deserving students applying to either the Beedie School of Business or to a program in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

We’re still finalizing all the details and requirements, but this new scholarship will be available for the incoming class of Fall 2021 and we wanted to give you a heads-up and share some high-level details:

  • The Uggla Family Scholarship program aims to support exceptional students who through their identity or life circumstances may face barriers to participating in post-secondary education.
  • Students still need to apply to SFU by the regular high school application deadline – January 31st, 2021 – and intend to pursue studies within either the Beedie School of Business or in a program in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. (In future years, this scholarship may become available to all faculties/programs).
  • The student must be competitive for admission into the Beedie School of Business or the Faculty of Applied Sciences.
  • Students who have already applied for admission, and also applied to our regular Entrance Awards Scholarships program (deadline of December 17th), will be invited to also apply for the Uggla Family Scholarship. A separate application will be required. They can be considered for both, although double offers will not occur.
  • Students who have already applied for admission to SFU, but did not apply for our regular Entrance Awards Scholarships program, can still apply for the SFU Uggla Family Scholarship. We’ll share more details in the next couple of weeks.