This scholarship is provided as a result of a legacy fund resulting from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  Three amounts of $1000 each will be awarded to well-rounded students who, while maintaining a good academic standing, have demonstrated a passion for athletics, visual arts – drawing and painting, sculpture, animation or performing arts – drama, music, dance and haves demonstrated good citizenship through voluntary participation in school or community activities.

To be considered for the award the student should: 

  •  be passionate about athletics 
  •  for athletics – involved in school or community as a player, manager or other   contributing role  
  •  have demonstrated having a positive influence in the school or community through community service or volunteer work and through dedication and hard work 
  • exemplify good citizenship and strong character and demonstrating personal responsibility and respect for others 
  • maintained a good academic standing  
  • demonstrated plans to continue with education in a post-secondary program 
  • formally submitted a completed application package to the school’s scholarship committee 

The scholarship will be awarded upon proof of registration in a post-secondary institution (tuition receipt is required).   


1 BNSS student x $1000

Due Date

in print or email to Ms. Mihic by March 15, 2024 before 3PM.


Complete the following requirements in the document below. If emailing, send documents in order specified as one PDF – look under “FAQs”if you need help with this.

  1. Completed application form (below)
  2. Letter for Athletics, from a coach indicating any special contribution to the team and the candidate’s character with specific reference to the criteria of the application
  3. Letter from a teacher or community leader indicating the candidate’s character with specific reference to the criteria of the application
  4. Letter from the candidate indicating post secondary goals including any continued involvement in athletics, visual or performing arts and addressing the question “How has athletics played an important role in your life?”