Are you interested in pursuing a career in construction? Do you have anything to date showing an interest in the field such as a Youth in Trade completion or work experience? Are you graduating in June 2024?

1. Trades Apprenticeship Program

2. Industry Training Post Secondary Program

3. Women in Construction

Applicants must also:

  • Maintained a good academic standing; 
  • Been actively involved in community service, volunteering, and/or have work experience beyond that required for graduation; 
  • Demonstrated leadership in Burnaby through consistent and outstanding dedication to a community initiative and/or in making their community a better place.   

1  @ $1000 

Due Date

  To Ms. Mihic (paper or email – by 3pm on FRIDAY, MARCH 15th, 2024 BEFORE 3PM .


  • a cover letter stating why you are a suitable candidate for this scholarship
  • a copy of your Grade 11 and 12 transcript
  • resume


  • a reference letter(s) to support your volunteer experience
  • a reference letter(s) to support your leadership in the community

Download or pick up a paper form and submit all forms, in order,  to Student Services or email to Ms. Mihic ( by due date. Refer to “FAQ” tab > “Creating and Combining PDF documents” if you need help combining PDFs.