Awesome authors!

There are two new fantastic graphic novels in the library:


On Sunday night I had the opportunity to listen to the authors, Raina Telgemeier and Kazu Kibuishi, and meet them. It was a fabulous evening and I learned a lot about the creative process. There were so many kids there and they were all excited to meet the authors.

A few things I remember:

  • Raina draws everything in a rough draft before she submits it to her editor.
  • Kazu writes everything down like a script before he draws.
  • “Repetitive practice is the key to sucess.” Kazu
  • “Try not to make decisions based on fear.” Kazu
  • One of Raina’s favourite books as a kid was Calvin and Hobbes.
  • After both author have drawn their comics in ink, they have colourists who add the colour.

Three great things about the night:

  • My daughter got to ask Raina a question in front of the whole audience.
  • I met Raina Tegelmeier and she knows who I am on Twitter.
  • Seeing students and former students at the event.


Can you guess who some of these mystery readers are?

Come see me in the library to check out these new books and more!

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