And the winner is…

Just before the winter break, Divisions 5,6,7,8 and 9 voted for the Canadian Picture Book of the year.  (see earlier post Nov. 24th)

And the winner is…Spork! 

This book about a “spork” who is neither “spoonish” nor “forkish” won the hearts and minds of most of the students.

“I chose this book because the book tells you you should like yourself who ever you are.”   Vanessa Div. 6

“I like the story and drawings.  It started out plain and then it had more colour.”    Reya Div. 6

“Spork is weird and the other kids ask me why do I have curly hair.”   Enoch Div. 7

“I liked how it ended.  It had a happy ending.”  Ethan Div. 6

Check out more comments on all of the books on the display just outside the library doors.

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