Scholarships are awarded to Grade 12 students for academc excellence and outstanding school and community service.  Other scholarships are also available through volunteer work, extra-curricular activities and professional affiliations

Students are urged to complete the Moscrop Student Profile Form early in the school year to maximize their eligibility for the wide array of scholarships available.  These scholarships are intended for Post-Secondary Education

There are several ways to get information about scholarships…..

  1. Complete the Moscrop School Profile
  2. Email: to join her scholarship blog for all updated scholarship information
  3. Check the scholarship bulletin board on the 3rd floor for updates, posters, and application forms…or see Ms. Clowers in Room 335
  4. Check with the University or College you are interested in attending to find out about their scholarship programs (most have up-t0-date websites)
  5. Check out the websites: