Moscrop Counsellors

Welcome back Moscropians! We hope that you’re doing well and have settled in to the new school year. The counsellors have been super busy with scheduling and timetable issues this past month, but we are happy to say that things have settled down and we now have more time to schedule appointments with students. To see your counsellor, stop by Student Services (317). If your counsellor is busy, fill out a pink appointment slip and drop it off in your counsellor’s letter tray.

Counsellors are assigned to students according to their Last Names. This allows for each counsellor to work with families across all grades.


Mr. Steko  (Surnames A-G)


Ms. Vancic, Department Head  (Surnames H-L)


Mr. Tyfting  (Surnames M-S)


Ms. Niccoli-Harris  (Surnames T-Z )  Tues, Wed, Fri