Course Selection Forms

2024/2025 SCHOOL YEAR

Course Selection for the 2023-2024 school year has begun.

To complete Course selection, students must:                                              1.  Hand in a completed paper form (signed by parent/guardian)        2. Enter course requests online in MyEd.                                                         **  Deadline is February 9, 2024.

Please see the Course Selection forms below:

Moscrop course offerings 2023_24

Grade8_CourseSelection 23-24 (white)

Grade 8 Honours Courses Application 2023-24

Grade9 Course Selection 23-24 (pink)

Grade10 Course Selection 23-24 (green)

Grade11 CourseSelection 23-24 (yellow)

Grade12 CourseSelection 23-24 (blue)

Moscrop Specialty Programs Information 2023-2024

French Immerison course planner