The TOEFL® test measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings.

Moscrop DOES NOT offer TOEFL Testing Times, BUT there are various locations around the Lower Mainland where you can write your TOEFL

TOEFL Testing Website Link

BC Universities vary – generally NOT required for students with 4 years of instruction in English.  Confirm with each university.

Other provinces & USA – NOT required for students with 5 years of instruction in English.   Confirm with each university

TOEFL study guide:  This study guide acquaints you to TOEFL through the following topics: 

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to TOEFL
Chapter 2 – Your TOEFL Journey
Chapter 3 – TOEFL Test Format and Scoring
Chapter 4 – Reading
Chapter 5 – Listening
Chapter 6 – Speaking
Chapter 7 – Writing
Chapter 8 – Bonus – Tips on Quelling Test Jitters