Aboriginal Support

At Moscrop, there are 2 staff members who provide Aboriginal Support to Aboriginal Students:  Aboriginal Success Teacher & Aboriginal Youth & Family Support Worker

Aboriginal Success Teacher

The role of the Aboriginal Success Teacher is to enhance the engagement and academic standing of Aboriginal Learners by providing a variety of intensive supports dependent on each student’s unique needs.  The aboriginal Success Teacher also provides support to other teachers to help Aboriginal students be successful in school, and helps teachers implement Aboriginal curriculum into their classrooms.

The Aboriginal Success Teacher provides academic support with a focus on:

  • enhancing student engagement
  • improving school attendance
  • supporting students to improve their academic standing
  • collaborating with teachers to include Aboriginal cultural content across the curriculum
  • presenting at District & School-Based Workshops
  • recommending Aboriginal resource materials/people for students, teachers and teacher/librarians

Nicola Gillam
Room:  Portable #2 at Moscrop Secondary
Email:   nicola.gillam@sd41.bc.ca
Phone:   604-296-6895 (ext. 610340)


Aboriginal Youth & Family Support Worker 

The Aboriginal Youth & Family Support Worker provides support for the social, emotional and personal development of Aboriginal Students.  They also provide support to the Aboriginal families whose children are attending school in Burnaby.

Other areas where the Aboriginal Youth & Family Support Worker may be involved include:

  • Collaborate with the Aboriginal Education Support Team members regarding school district programs for students
  • Facilitate Secondary Aboriginal Circle Program
  • Oversee Attitude & Attendance Contracts
  • Eagle Feather Incentive Program
  • Organizing year end Aboriginal Achievement Ceremony
  • Oversee Aboriginal Youth Leadership Team
  • Provide one-on-one support to students/parents
  • Provide short-term Crisis Intervention
  • Assist with Integrated Case Management Planning
  • Help parents and students understand the school system
  • Encourage parents to participate in district parent groups
  • Provide parents with information about Aboriginal Education Programs & Services

Corrina Chase
Room:  317
Email:   corrina.chase@sd41.bc.ca 
Phone:   604-296-6895