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TRU Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Admission to the Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering at TRU is now open for Fall 2020 and seats are limited. 

 Software engineering is one of the most in-demand and fastest growing professions.  At TRU, software engineering students experience hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art labs, along with small class sizes giving you the advantage of personal attention from their instructors – no TA’s.

In the Engineering and Applied Science Department, we want to ensure students at different academic levels have an opportunity to explore the Software Engineering industry, which is one reason we have an admission grade requirement of only 67% or higher. 

This is just one of the many advantages of applying to the Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering at TRU.

****If you want to take advantage of the lower academic requirements they must apply right away because we are processing applications and making admission decisions as they are received.

March 01, 2020 is the deadline to apply, however, space permitting applications may be accepted after this date, but for you to take advantage of the lower academic requirements you must apply NOW.



 Admission Requirements:

High School Admission Requirements

1.    BC Grade 12 (or equivalent).

2.    BC English 12/English 12 First Peoples with a minimum of 67% (or  equivalent).

3.    Pre-Calculus 12 with a minimum of 67% (or equivalent).

4.   Physics 12 with a minimum of 67% (or equivalent). 

5.   Chemistry 12 with a minimum of 67% (or equivalent). (You will still be considered for admission if you do not fulfill the Chemistry 12 requirements, however you may have to complete an extra Chemistry course)


Applying to U.S. Universities

Many of you are starting to apply to U.S. Universities and need to create a Common Application account. 

Once you have created an account, please inform your counsellor so we can keep a look out for the counsellor’s email.

Student Services

Attend the Canadian Universities Event (CUE)

You have been invited to the Canadian Universities Event (CUE)!
WHERE: Burnaby South Secondary School
DATE: October 10, 2019
TIME: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Here is some information about CUE:

What is CUE?

The Canadian Universities Event (CUE) is a forum designed to highlight Canada’s universities to British Columbia’s secondary school students. CUE brings together over 45 of Canada’s finest post-secondary institutions and showcases them over two weeks in October to visit communities in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We are committed to helping students find their right-fit in Canadian post-secondary education.

Who should attend CUE?

Any student who is or may be considering post-secondary education! All our fairs will feature representatives from participant institutions and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore their options in a career fair-style event.

Grade 12’s –> PSI Forms to Complete

Hey Grads!

All Grade 12 students intending to apply to a post secondary institution MUST fill out a Post Secondary Institutions (PSI) form by April 30, 2013

This is so your Final Transcript will go to any Post-Secondary Institution in Canada (if you are planning on attending the US, you will still be responsible to send in your final Transcript to those Universities).

For More information on “How To” fill out the PSI, there are further instructions here

Fill out your form using this link

Note:  If you have not previously created an account, you will need your PEN (Personal Education Number) number, and your “legal” first and last name.

If you have any questions, please come see your Counsellor


Grade 11 marks now permanently part of admission to UBC

The temporary policy that let UBC admit B.C. students based on their Grade 11 marks has now become a permanent part of the university’s admission process.

UBC has been able to use Grade 11 marks to calculate admission averages since March 2012, a move originally introduced as an emergency response to B.C. high school teachers’ job action. A policy passed at last Wednesday’s Senate meeting has permanently entrenched the practice, although the worry of teachers withholding Grade 12 report cards is now over.

According to UBC Registrar James Ridge, the policy is being kept in place to provide UBC students earlier offers of admission.

“Our research, and certainly feedback, that we get from applicants to UBC is that our offers of admission often arrive much later than our major competitors’ offers of admission,” said Ridge. “Part of the reason for that is all of our major competitors make offers of admission factoring in Grade 11 marks.”

UBC has been admitting both international students and students from other parts of Canada on the basis of their Grade 11 marks for some time, while the only students to be admitted to UBC solely on their Grade 12 marks were students that were coming in from B.C. secondary schools.

Ridge said a growing body of research shows that Grade 11 marks are almost as good as Grade 12 marks for predicting whether students will succeed in university.

Still, Ridge stressed that Grade 12 marks will still play a significant role in the final admissions decision.

“We consulted with almost 300 high school counselors who are quite supportive of what we’re doing,” he said. “They were the ones who were strongly supportive of the idea of making offers conditional on consistently good academic performance.”

This means it is still possible for a student to lose their admission to UBC due to slipping marks in Grade 12.

Second-year Science student Jimmy Wang said the decision to admit students on their Grade 11 marks should have been made long ago.

“I think that it’s about time they started giving out offers of admission earlier than just a couple of months before we start school,” said Wang. “I just wish it could have been done when I was still applying to UBC.”

However, some UBC faculty members aren’t thrilled about admitting students based on Grade 11 marks. Richard Anstee, faculty senator and computer science professor at UBC, voted against the policy when it was first introduced in March as an emergency measure during the B.C. teachers’ strike.

“At the time of the original motion to use Grade 11 grades, my objections were several,” said Anstee. “First, I felt the second term [Grade 12] grades [would be] verifiable, despite the job action. Second, I was quite concerned that we were acting without giving secondary school students sufficient notice.”

But now UBC has had more time to improve the policy, Anstee believes that the changes will help prospective students make the decision on whether or not to come to UBC sooner.

“I believe this will help us recruit the best and brightest. Many receive offers quite early, even in January, and so we must aim to be competitive,” said Anstee.

SFU “How To” Videos

Hey Grads!

I know it’s that time of year when you’re beginning to apply to Colleges & Universities.

SFU has provided a “How to Apply to Undergraduate Studies” step-by-step video to apply to SFU for all of you who may be a bit confused on the process.

Please see the video below:

Once Accepted to SFU, and you are wondering “How To Accept the Offer” to go to SFU, there’s also this step-by-step video for you: