Safe Schools Specialist

The Safe Schools Specialist, as part of the District’s Youth and Community Services Division, assists administrators, staff, students, parents and members of the community to develop positive, proactive approaches fostering healthy school communities.

The safety, security and well-being of everyone in schools and their surrounding communities is enhanced by the development of positive relationships with students.

This is done with the expressed purpose of preventing code of conduct violations and maintaining safety.

Emergent issues are addressed by the prevention of intimidation, harassment and bullying, risk/threat assessment, emotional de-escalation, substance use assessment and response, conflict resolution and restorative justice.

The Safe Schools Specialist works collaboratively with school teams and community agencies to respond quickly to emergent issues and concerns by assessing the situation, identifying the most appropriate response and recommending resources and assistance necessary to deal with the issue or concern.

Moscrop’s Safe Schools Specialist:

Office is in room 317 (In Student Services)
Contact Ryan via email at:
phone: 604-296-6895