80 Hour (Career Preparation)

What Is It?

  • 80 hours of unpaid career related¬†work experience and equals a 4 credit course

When Does It Start?

  • Students may begin to complete their 90 hours between the summer of Grade 11 and June of Grade 12 year (can be completed during or outside of school time).
  • Students MUST complete Planning 10 prior to starting their 90 Hours

What Else?

  1. Students must choose a Focus Area
    • ex. Business, Health, Trades, etc…
  2. Students also must complete an Employability Skills Profile
    • a useful tool for interviews and for the Graduation Transition Student-led exit interview in Grade 12

Curious About What Careers Fall Under Each Focus Area?

  1. Business & Applied Business
    • Accountant, Stockbroker, Marketing Executive, Salesperson, Realtor, Hairdresser
  2. Fine Arts, Design & Media
    • Artist, Actor, Set Designer, AV Technician, Interior Designer
  3. Fitness & Recreation
    • Athlete, Coach, Referee, Facilities Manager, Ski/Golf/Tennis/Fitness Instructor
  4. Health & Human Services
    • Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Social Worker,¬†Dietitian, Firefighter, Lawyer, Police Officer
  5. Liberal Arts & Humanities
    • Sociologist, Scientist, Librarian, Interpreter, Clergy
  6. Science & Applied Science
    • Engineer, Architect, Biologist, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller
  7. Tourism, Hospitality & Foods
    • Sales Agent, Hotel Manager, Front Desk Agent, Host, Server, Chef, Bartender, Flight Attendant
  8. Trades & Technology
    • Plumber, Carpenter, Drywall Installers, Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Autobody Repair Technician

Benefits of a Career Preparation Program

  • Graduation Transition Plan
  • Help to Build Your Resume
  • Scholarships
  • Gain Work Experience
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Interview Skills
  • You May Acquire Part Time Employment At Work Experience Placement
  • Gain Professional Contacts
  • References

♦ NOTE: If you select the Career preparation program, it will be considered as one of your 8 courses in GRADE 12 ONLY (you select the program in Grade 11 so that you may begin to accumulate your hours, but it does not show up in your timetable in Grade 11)

FOR MORE INFORMATION – go to the Career Programs Office in room 313.