BC Adult Graduation


Did you think that if you didn’t graduate as a teenager you missed your only chance at secondary school graduation?  Nothing could be further from the truth!

You may wish to finish secondary school for many reasons.  Are you interested in:

  • Enhancing your job prospects?
  • Meeting entry requirements for community college programs, technical institutes or universities?
  • Gaining personal satisfaction by completing secondary school?

If so, there are programs in both school districts and post-secondary institutions that can meet your needs.

Four out of every ten adults who live in British Columbia have not graduated from secondary school.  One in four of these adults have less than a Grade 9 education.  For this reasons, thousands of people decide to continue their learning each year, and many of them enrol in adult programs.


Programs in school districts and post-secondary institutions provide courses for adult learners in an adult environment.  In many programs, you start at your own level and proceed at your own pace.  Most programs provide opportunities for full-time, part-time, daytime and evening study.

If you wish to obtain a diploma, there is a new one available called the BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood).  It is issued by the Government of British Columbia, and can be earned through school district adult programs or the post-secondary education system.

However, some adults need only specific courses to meet entry requirements for career/vocational, technical or university programs.  If you want to upgrade or get courses for a specific program, your needs can also be met.


If you are not a secondary school graduate, you can get your adult graduation diploma tuition-free at both the school district and the local post-secondary institution. However, you may still be charged resource and book fees (the cost varies by institution).  You should check with the institution you plan to attend before enrolling to get an accurate assessment of the true cost.


For more information, please check the Ministry Website, or you can also contact your local school district and ask to talk to a counsellor about the adult graduation programs in your area.

frequently asked questions….

  1. Am I Eligible for the BC Adult Graduation Diploma?
    • Yes, if over 19 years of age or 18 years of age & out of school for 1 consecutive year to be eligible for the Adult Graduation Program. You must also do at least three courses as an “adult” to be eligible to graduate on Adult Graduation Program.
  2. What Courses Can Be Used Towards My Diploma?
    • Any course that is ministry-authorized by either the Ministry of Education (4 credits) or the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology as requirements for graduation may be used towards the BC Adult Graduation Diploma
    • Locally-developed (LD) or Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) courses are NOT ALLOWED for credit on the Adult Dogwood
  3. Can I Use Courses That Were Completed Several Years Ago Toward My Adult Dogwood?
    • Yes, as long as an adult student completes 3 courses after enrollment in the adult program or through prior learning, courses completed in the past can be applied towards meeting their Adult Dogwood requirements.