Settlement Workers

Settlement Workers support families during their first three years in Canada, and help assist them with immediate needs including:

  • Outreach to new immigrant families
  • Information and counselling on initial settlement
  • Orientation to school and community services
  • Referral and service linking to community and government services
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Settlement workshops
  • Youth support
  • Parenting workshops

For a Directory of Immigrant & Refugee Programs, Services and Organizations, please see the Burnaby School District Settlement Worker Community Resource

In the Burnaby School District, we have Settlement Workers to support you in the following languages:

Arabic          French                Serbian             Bosnian
Korean          Spanish              Croatian           Kurdish
Swahili          English               Urdu                  Mandarin/Cantonese
Russian         Vietnamese       Farsi

Moscrop’s Settlement Worker:

At Moscrop on:  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Room:  317
Phone:   604-296-6895