Kurzweil 3000

Access to curriculum is made easier through the integration of technology like Kurzweil 3000.  Once launched, Kurzweil will read almost any digital information (print, electronic, pdf or the Web).  Decoding Support in the program reads the words aloud to the student in clear, synthetic speech, while a dual highlighting feature adds visual reinforcement.  This provides a digital means of engaging with text and supports those students who require alternative methods for accessing information.  Combined with laptops, this is a valuable resource to put in the hands of students and teachers.

Added features support increased opportunities for reading comprehension and writing:

  • Study Skills feature allows for multi-colour highlighting, text circle tools, annotations, bookmarks, voice notes and extracts to create outlines, study guides or word list
  • Writing and Self-Editing Tools allow for quick self-editing as it will read each text as it is written by the student.
  • Spellchecker is supported with an auditory component and customizable word prediction.
  • Bubble Notes for the teacher: allows for scaffolding in comprehension.

How do I Start the Process (see a demo…)?

*1.  Please call one of our Learning Technologies team to help guide the process.

2.  After initial meeting, follow the step-by-step checklist implementation process, which will guide you through all technical and teaching/learning aspects of the program.

Workshops and Learning Series are part of our ongoing process of building capacity.  See Staff Development Calendar for this year’s sessions.

Digital Resources

Alternate Forms of TextsARC-BC .  This site provides ready-to-use textbooks, novels, stories and templates.

* New training is now online from SET-BC.  You must attend training in order for your application to be accepted.  Click here for the new path.  These are done as webinars with pdf files.  Once completed, register with ARC on the ARC site.  ** Use your SD41 EMAIL.  Your application will go through a screening process and you will receive an email from our district LSS group when it is accepted.