Know Your “Why”

Recently we had session 2 of our Communicating Learning via ePortfolios Team. When I wrote up this session to post for the team, it struck me that anyone should be able to see this especially at a time when we’re all focused on assessment, report cards and all the things that come with the process. 

What do you think about these statements regarding ‘learning’? puzzle_640

  • Learning is doing
  • Learning starts with the learner’s own ideas
  • Learning involves getting personally involved
  • Questions drive learning and are also outcomes of learning
  • Learning involves uncovering complexity
  • Learning can be a group process and a group outcome
  • Learning and thinking can be made visible

How might these ideas affect the way you approach a learning environment, an assessment environment or what this means to think well (critically, creatively)? If you know your “why”, I wonder if it isn’t easier to frame the assessment. I’m especially captivated by “questions drive learning and are also outcomes of learning”. Not the teacher’s questions but student’s questions. 

We’d love to have your thoughts on this through the comment feature here. 

Updates on Learning and Thinking

storyearthIt’s almost November and there’s certainly a bite in the air – you know winter is just around the corner. Two of our larger projects got off the ground with a blast. ImagineerTech Team focuses on exploring the curriculum and ways to integrate learning technologies that include all students. The redesigned curriculum offers opportunities for rich conversations (eg. how we create environments that invite curiosity, wonder and questions, assessment as ongoing spirals of learning [for teacher and student], even the mundane how to achieve workflows that keep us sane). With each person accessing one of our district assigned laptops, it is quickly apparent that this is a key piece of technology that can be used to extend a teacher’s and thus a student’s learning.
Our sessions are written and published under our TEAMS > IMAGINEERTECH page – come and learn alongside us.

Woman's Eye and World GlobesCommunicating Learning via ePortfolios Team also flew out the door with gusto. Building on last year’s experiences, we started the year with 1500 portfolios across elementary and secondary. Teams focused on the conversation, laying the groundwork for making learning visible and adding to the vocabulary of articulating the learning process. In many ways, the process is the product. This can take many different forms depending on voice and choice: audio recording of students reading (pre/post with self reflection), audio speeches with a view of reflection/redo, capturing science processes or prototyping sessions, story writing and merging with Google Apps for Ed. personal thoughts on a topic, etc. As well, one would not get very far without understanding a bit of the structure of the eportfolio or blogfolio. The beauty of this platform is the ability to grow with the student’s ability to change the way they view themselves as learners and ultimately (possibly) share their voice on a global scale. 
These sessions are written and published under our TEAMS > Communicating Learning via ePortfolios page – come and learn with us. 

Our site houses many opportunities to explore the world of learning. Feel free to browse and/or email us with any questions or connections that you’ve made. Better yet, leave a comment here. 

Happy Autumn

stones_640Welcome back to another exciting year of connections, relationships and opportunities to be inspired through learning. If you are like me, you’ve been pondering and sparkling with ideas about how to move the Redesigned Curriculum forward. Sometimes a story unpacks the journey better than talking. So we’ve put together some of the stories from our teams as they explored the curriculum and what it means to learning. Click here or you can go to the top toolbar and select CURRIC STORIES. These are not meant as full units. Rather, they serve to illustrate learning windows into the process. There are more to come and we’re eager to share starting points of conversation.

documents-158461_640Planning is an art and teachers come at it through different ways. Our teams have been using a “KDU Planner” (short for whatever works). Many of the curricular areas have been created using this format, open for any teacher to add their own teaching notes and activities, merge and colour code cross curricular, copy/paste into report cards – basically whatever you wish them to be. Click here if you wish your own copies.

Professional learning is extremely important as we continue our learning work with students and staff. Workshops, Learning Series across a variety of areas are being finalized; some have been set and are available on our Announcements (to your right). As we continue to update this area, come back often or you can subscribe to this blog site.

Please share this post with anyone on your staffs. Wishing you all a fabulous year of curiosity and wonder.