Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from Canadian author, Eric Walters. He spoke to divisions 3, 4 and 5 and then to divisions 1 and 2. We learned how Mr. Walters gets his ideas and how he really gets into his research. He traveled to Africa for his book, Alexandria of Africa, and encountered lions, elephants, deadly snakes and more. For his book, Tiger by the Tail, he found not one, but two tigers to promote his book and was bitten by one in the process. For his book, Between Heaven and Earth, he climbed Mt.
Kilimanjaro with his son. He also picked two of the “cool” dudes in the audience to demonstrate how he creates his characters.

For division 1 and 2, he spoke about his charity, The Creation of Hope, and how it partners with Kenyans to care for orphans and also works on community projects such as building wells. This was a great connection to the students’ current social studies unit on water. It was also incredibly inspiring.

What did you enjoy most about the presentation? What did it make you wonder and think about? Please leave your comments below.  And don’t forget to come to the library to check out a great book by Eric Walters!

iPads in the Library

Students are beginning to use our iPads in a variety of ways. Last Thursday Division 3 used them in the library to read about author Eric Walters. They went to his site and had to report out about what they learned. Then they created a list of questions for his visit on March 11th.  Stay tuned to find out what happened at our visit with this fantastic author.

150 nights of Reading February 20th

Wow!  150 nights of reading is almost here.  I can hardly believe it.  Please hand in your forms to the library beginning on Thursday and pick up your new 200 night forms.  Students who have completed their forms will be recognized at our Celebration of Learning Assembly on Feb. 28th at 2pm.

What have I read in my latest 50 nights of reading???

There are three books I read recently that are now in our school library.  I highly recommend them all.

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Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin is the companion book to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, a Newbery Honor Book.  It is part mystery, part folk tale, part fantasy.  School Library Journal described it as “a work that is nothing short of enchanting”.  I recommend this book for students in grades 3-7.

Product Details

Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier is a fantasy, adventure that I couldn’t put down.  According to Quill and Quire, “Auxier’s novel contains plenty of scenes of the sort that make adults squirm with distaste while children wriggle with delight. Magic abounds, but is treated in a matter-of-fact manner, and the informal narrative style, reminiscent of Lemony Snicket, is entertaining”.  I would recommend this book to students in grades 4-7.

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Leisl and Po by Lauren Oliver is another fantasy, complete with ghosts, alchemy and a very wicked stepmother. I was transported to another world as I read this novel and hope that other readers join me.  This book would be a great read aloud by teachers or parents for grades 3 and up.  Older students who like ghost stories could read this on their own.

What have you read lately?  Share your great reads below or come and see me in the library and let me know what books you love.



Red Cedar reviews and more!

This week the Red Cedar nominees will be released for check out to the intermediate students.  I asked the teachers if they would like to read them first, and many of them volunteered.

If you hover over the Red Cedar page at the top of the blog, you will see a list book titles.  F is for fiction, and NF is for nonfiction.  Click on one of this titles and and you will find a review of the book written by one of our teachers.  So far Mr. Brown, Mrs. March and I have submitted our reviews.  Keep your eyes out for more in the weeks to come!

We would love to hear what you think of these books, too.  Please leave your comments at the bottom of the book’s page and/or come see Mrs. Araujo about how to post your review.


Students have until April to read the books and then they will vote for their favourites!

Happy Reading!

And the winner is…

The votes are in! The Canadian Picture Book of the Year is Small Saul by Ashley Spires!

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Over the last several weeks. Divisions 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 read the five nominees for the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award.  First they decided on criteria for a great picture book.  Then we read all 5 books during their library times.  Finally, they voted.  Stay tuned for some of the students’ comments about the books they read.

The other nominees were:

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Drop Everything And Read

It was a warm and cozy afternoon at South Slope/ BCSD this past Monday.  After lunch we all got our books and read around the school in our pyjamas.
Congratulations to everyone who helped us celebrate reading!