Office 365

Hey all, 

Randy & myself have gone to the “Coaches” training session for Office 365- and have preliminarily looked at some of the features it offers.  

One major one is the space available for countless projects/possibilities we can utilize as educators.  I’ve gone ahead and created “teams” (works spaces) for each department so they can use these as storage bins for assignments/department documents/resources (videos, music files, photos, etc).  I’ll come around and work with Department Heads or if you’d like a different representative (if you as a DH don’t feel too tech savvy) to help set up the space tailored to your department before we add all in your department.  

Another awesome feature is the Classroom/One Note feature.  I’ve gotten Michelle MacTavish’s exemplar from the training session and would be more than willing to walk teachers through it.  There is also a PDF of a sample one a fellow colleague at North is using showing his set up and some anonymous student work. 


As always, let me know if you’d like me to come explore further some of the technological options out there.

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