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Back to School (Fall 2018)

Hey everyone, 

With back to school not far away, a few updates from your tech liaison.  

  1. The google document for booking technology will be available right as school starts.  Double checking room availabilities will occur at the end of August.  
  2. You’ll notice the google document looks a bit different.  There are now two days side by side on the sheet (to shorten the document) and not have to scroll as much. 
  3. The Library Classroom has been added as a “bookable” space since no classes are being taught in there. 
  4. If there are any Apps or other tech requests you have, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

I’m available in Period 2 for any help or consulting you may have about implementing technology into your classroom practices!

Here’s to a great start up and awesome 2018/2019 school year.

Laptop Cart Update

Just a quick update, that I’ve been informed that both carts are missing laptops.  This is because at the end of last year, they were put aside as students have broken keys off.  I’m looking into getting them fixed, but as of now we are short 2 laptops on Laptop Cart 1, and 1 laptop on Laptop Cart 2. Please keep this in mind when you are booking (if you have a smaller class size, try to book Cart 1 if it is available) the carts to help out your coworkers.  

As well, please be vigilant with students about using the equipment properly.  Make sure to assign 1 device to a student for the entire project (perhaps even the semester) so we can track back future problems to a specific student, and take proper actions if issues do arise.

I will be adding a communication book to each cart, so we can keep track of what is happening within each cart- rather than multiple emails or posts.  Should issues problems arise, please write down specifically what is wrong in the book, and I’ll initial the entry once I’ve read it.  I’ll highlight any problems once they have been tended to. 


It’s been great chatting with/ trying to help people so far in only the first few days of the semester.  I’m trying to get around and help get things up and running ASAP if there are problems so you can all start in on your courses without too much interruption. Please bear with me as I’ll do my best to help/resolve issues as I quickly as I possibly can with one block of time to do so. 



Back to School 2017/2018

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another wonderful school year!  Michelle has moved on to bigger things at the District level, helping roll out Office 365, so I’ve been tasked with filling (or making an attempt to) her shoes. 

The website here has stayed relatively the same.  As most of our staff is returning from last year, you will remember that we had the Options of “bookable teachers” as well as “Outreach in the Classroom” to better assist your classroom needs.  This year, we will not have either of these options available to you; I’ve thus removed them from the website. 

Booking Technology will be the same as last year: type in the password, and book laptops, iPads, computer labs or library space as needed.   We will be receiving a THIRD (yippie!) laptop cart in the fall.  We are hoping it will be up and operational by October.  This will help alleviate the fact that, due to classroom needs, there is no computer lab that is available to classroom teachers in Period 4 of the first semester, and the Mac Lab is the only lab available in Period 2 (If you do need the lab in Period 2, remember that the Mac Lab cannot access student or teacher School Connect profiles, so you can’t open/save any work that is on the district server).

I’ll be speaking more about this at the Staff Meeting as well in a welcome email.