Laptops & iPad Carts


  1. Please make sure to promptly return them to the Library (i just had to go searching around the school for one that was never returned… so it could charge overnight).
  2. Make sure you are filling out the log book properly.  you MUST include your name, and what period you are recording an issue.  I can’t mind read when something happens…             There is an exemplar done at the front of each book if you need to see how it should be filled out.
  3. Please do not record if a laptop is missing a Key.  I’m well aware of this.  However, October 2017, we spent $800 fixing all the missing … and a year later, and we are already missing EVEN MORE!. It is on the students to maintain these devices, but it is also on the teachers to make sure students aren’t goofing around.  The number of “someone moved the keys around to spell inappropriate words” is staggering this year.           


    Please help each other out, so these devices have a longer life.  With classes being in labs, these are the only computers available to classes, so when they aren’t in decent working condition… it makes executing a lesson challenging!

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