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Laptop Cart 3!

It is here and Ready(ish) to go!  It will have a printer just like the other two carts, however it’s been ordered but not arrived yet.  So please keep this in mind when you book this cart for the time being. The model of Laptop is newer than the other two carts; the power cords are a bit different, but same rules still apply.  Please make sure the laptops are COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN (Black screen, not Blue!) before they get put in their proper slot and plugged into using the cord on their left.  These models have 2 batteries (Yippie!): a built-in internal battery, and the usual external one- so hopefully they last a bit longer than the other ones!

I’ve start an “Add On” section on the Technology Sign Out sheet as well.  We are hoping to be able to provide more and more tech to help you in your classroom endeavours. Things like cords to present from iPads and such we have currently… and possibly more in the future.  I’ll try to check the Add-Ons each morning to see if anything comes up and help you with the best I can with the inventory I have.  

I’ve also started getting departments to do an Inventory of all their technology, so we have a record of it in the school.  These are devices that were given to teachers from their department to help facilitate their practices in the classroom; OR, devices you’ve raised funds for to have purchased for you, solely for school. (Ie: Laptops, Tablets, iPads, Apple TVs, docking stations, etc etc).  The latter, we obviously just want a record of it in the building, so if something ever happened to it (lost, stolen, fire, etc etc) we would have record of it.  The former, to see if there are devices “dormant” in departments that are never used that could be put to better use somewhere else… so we don’t purchase unnecessary devices and can better utilize the little funds we do have for future purchases!

Student Teacher Websites/Blogs

On the Central Website- on the staff directory- I’ve added a chart at the bottom to include our student teachers throughout the year, as well as links to their websites/blogs should they have them so students and parents alike can easily access them. 

Please let me know if you have a student teacher and their info needs to be added!


Laptop Cart 3 Update…It’s HERE (Sort of)!

As you may or may not have noticed over the last couple of days, there has been an appearance of our third laptop cart in the Library. 

It however, is not ready to be booked just yet.  I’m told there is a software issue (that will be VERY annoying and essentially pointless to book the cart) until it is fixed.  As well, the devices need to be numbered and serial numbers recorded.  

Having said this, you might have also noticed that the carts themselves look a bit different.  I’ve tried to “tidy” them up and keep them a bit more organized (the communication book, the laminated instructions, and the colour coding signs/keys).  All of this is- in my hopes- to make everyones lives easier in a multitude of ways.  The first and most important being charging/storing of the carts.  The Laptop carts need to be plugged into specific outlets that can handle the amount of charge these carts need.  Please take the extra 15 seconds to a) make sure your cart is plugged in (and in the proper outlet) and b) to make sure you’re tucking the carts as close to the wall/counter and in an orderly fashion…. after all we are sharing the workspace with others!


Thanks, and keep the requests coming for any tech integration or new collaborative ideas you might have coming! So far, it’s been great getting around to help some staff.