Assessment/Portfolio Tools

  • FreshGrade – online portfolio program with assessment component. Useful for reflective learning. Canadian company. 
  • MyEd Resources – guidebooks for using My Education
  • Kahoot – formative assessment; interactive quiz game (mobile devices required)
  • Three Ring – virtual portfolio; integrate feedback & communication with students & parents. Unlimited use of video & documents in portfolios. Note – this is a US based program
  • Socrative
  • Flipgrid
  • Talk&Comment
  • Goformative

Communication Tools

  • Remind – communication tool for teachers and students

Research Tools

  • Critical Evaluation – Kathy Schrock’s guide to evaluating web materials. Includes PDF worksheets for different grade levels, as well as teaching materials to help students critically evaluate web resources. 
  • Diigo – research management – bookmark and annotate webpages & PDFs, share resources with learning groups/the teacher
  • instaGrok – research and create a concept map instantly! Customize your maps and share with others! 

Visualization Tools – graphing, charts, info-graphics, mind maps

  • Mindmeister – collaborative mind mapping tool
  • Piktochart – online info-graphic making tool – useful for student projects & teacher notes
  • Capzles – create video/image timelines! Can also pull data from Facebook timelines (digital citizenship/media awareness lesson?) 

General/Cross-curricular Resources

  • Merlot – a collection of learning and teaching tools – searchable database

Subject Specific Tools & Resources


  • Energy3D – create 3D computer models of Green Buildings; print out and construct models of your creations; analyze for energy efficiency. 




  • Verb Trainer App (Spanish & French) – practice conjugating verbs with fun exercises


  • Concord Consortium Mathmatics – webtutorials and activities to visualize mathematical concepts using real-world examples. 
  • Fathom – Tool to teach data analysis and statistics! Model problems
  • Fluid Math – Tablet/Interactive Whiteboard software that allows teachers & students to create, solve, graph and animate math and physics problems. *Paid subscription may be required; free trial option
  • Illuminations Interactives – a collection of interactive models and simulations for various applications in mathematics. Organized by grade level & topic. (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
  • WizKids CAS – turn a Google Doc into a graphing calculator! Solve equasions, plot graphs, etc.


  • Bracketmaker: use to set up tournament brackets! After each round, select winners and watch them advance automatically! Display during class tournaments so students can watch their progress. 
  • Coach’s Eye (App) – record video and provide feedback on athletic skills. Video playback in slo-mo, backward or frame-by-frame to pinpoint specific actions for feedback. Add verbal comments. Integrates with edmodo as well. 
  • iMuscle (App) – learn anatomy & pair with fitness apps to determine the muscle groups being used in various workout activities. 
  • Nutrition Tips (App) – start your lesson with a nutritional tip-of-the day!
  • Runkeeper – track & share your running activities! Add “friends” to share progress. 
  • Team Shake (App) – select # of players and teams needed to create randomized team lists. 
  • Virtual Heart (App) – set BMP to see, visually, what the heart looks like while its working hard!
  • The PE Geek – site that offers tons of resources for teaching PE and integrating technology into your lessons in PE


  • PhET – database of free, online simulations for science classrooms (app also on iPads)
  • Concord Consortium STEM Resources – Lots of activities, simulations, models and software tools to facilitate teaching and learning in Science classes. 
  • Molecular Workbench – simulate molecules!! Free, open-source tool. Simulator for teaching & learning. 

Social Studies

  • Native Land – uses Google Maps and overlay data to display language and cultural regions for North American First Nations Peoples, as well as Treaty maps in Canada. Hover the mouse over highlighted regions to access links to government sites for more info about specific treaties. Site includes a Teachers Guide section. 
  • Timeglider – create timeline history projects. Collaborate & create! Interactive timelines – zoom in and out of content. “It’s like Google Maps for time” 
  • Timetoast – another timeline creation tool! Combine text and visuals to create visually appealing historic records!