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Internet Issues with the New Laptops

One thing that I’ve encountered with the laptops, when your internet options disappear completely…. Try RESTARTING the computer… not just turning it off and back on.   On Thursdays, if the district has updates for the operating system, they push those out to all the devices on that day.  I’ve noticed when people have issues, if we restart, their updates happen, and then when the computer is back on their internet issue is fixed.  A weird occurrence, but should be a way to troubleshoot this little hiccup.  (So far 3 instances that I have tried this on, have resulted in the problem being fixed). 

Laptop Updates

Hey everyone, 


Carts 1 & 2 have been updated to Windows 10.  They have also been replenished, so the 3 devices students destroyed have been replaced. YAY! (No, the keys have still not been done).


Cart 3 went in to undergo the imaging on Friday.  They are hopeful it will be completed today- so could be bookable for tomorrow. 


*New info on a password reset system will be rolled out soon* (So Burnaby will no longer have to contact IT to reset your school logon password/O365)- Look for that in the next few weeks.

Laptop/Windows 10 Roll Out Updates

There are still a few staff who need to come and pick up their laptops.  I need to return the set up equipment ASAP so they can take it to their next location, so please see me ASAP (also, computers will be leaving soon, so you won’t have anything to do attendance on!)

Laptop carts are booked as unavailable for several days in a row- to allow the team time to complete them… As they finish them, I will make the remaining days available again. As always, thank you for your patience during this time!

B205 should be good to go today with Windows 10. B209 had a few “hiccups” and will be ready they hope by noon today. The library had its student computers completed.  The office staff will have their computers re-imaged for Windows 10 today after school (instead of tomorrow). And finally, the deferred devices will start to be available throughout the day today.  As hey become ready, I’ll grab them and deliver them to you!


Also, as you can see, the Tech Blog had a “face lift”.  The one major change is the form I’ve created for tech help under the tab “Requesting Tech Help”.  This could be used for larger things such as help setting up an activity you’re planning at school, when a guest presenter comes in, or (what I would like to try to make more time for…especially after AP exams are done is) helping facilitate new and engaging tech adventures in your class!  As I know we might be customary to just shooting off an email (which you also might think is easier), but if we get in the habit of using the form I feel we will have a better idea of how we can assist you, but also put on the best presentation/event/etc…  As with all change, I know it will take some time getting use to it, but it’d be great if everyone would attempt to use the form. (There’s also a link to it in my email signature). 


Laptops & iPad Carts


  1. Please make sure to promptly return them to the Library (i just had to go searching around the school for one that was never returned… so it could charge overnight).
  2. Make sure you are filling out the log book properly.  you MUST include your name, and what period you are recording an issue.  I can’t mind read when something happens…             There is an exemplar done at the front of each book if you need to see how it should be filled out.
  3. Please do not record if a laptop is missing a Key.  I’m well aware of this.  However, October 2017, we spent $800 fixing all the missing … and a year later, and we are already missing EVEN MORE!. It is on the students to maintain these devices, but it is also on the teachers to make sure students aren’t goofing around.  The number of “someone moved the keys around to spell inappropriate words” is staggering this year.           


    Please help each other out, so these devices have a longer life.  With classes being in labs, these are the only computers available to classes, so when they aren’t in decent working condition… it makes executing a lesson challenging!

Back to School (Fall 2018)

Hey everyone, 

With back to school not far away, a few updates from your tech liaison.  

  1. The google document for booking technology will be available right as school starts.  Double checking room availabilities will occur at the end of August.  
  2. You’ll notice the google document looks a bit different.  There are now two days side by side on the sheet (to shorten the document) and not have to scroll as much. 
  3. The Library Classroom has been added as a “bookable” space since no classes are being taught in there. 
  4. If there are any Apps or other tech requests you have, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

I’m available in Period 2 for any help or consulting you may have about implementing technology into your classroom practices!

Here’s to a great start up and awesome 2018/2019 school year.

Reminders (it’s been a while)…

Sorry, it’s be a minute (or several thousand) since I last posted. 

The carts are working alright now with their new charging cords.  Remember to be on the students about putting items back in the appropriate spot, plugging them in and checking to make sure this is done in the final 10 minutes of class.  

Transport time to and from the library unfortunately is still a bit slow… make sure we get things back quickly so everyone can use them for their signed out times!

We are almost there!  As always, any tech issues, I’ve got a ear for!

Laptop Cart 2

Update: We are working on having the charging part serviced on the cart…. it is unfortunately down until further notice. 

Happy New Year (Semester 2 Update)

Happy 2018, everyone!

In the dying days of our Semester 1, I’m working on getting the booking sheet ready for Semester 2 (Based on new staff members and computer lab availability), should be up and running (at the latest) by the “break” between both Semesters.  

I’m working with a few departments on some website stuff, and hopefully all inventory (as well as new projectors to replace dying ones) will be in soon!

Laptops are back!

Some of the broken keyboards have now been fixed and are back on the carts! Yay!

Laptop Cart 3 Update

There’s now a printer on and attached to all the laptops on Laptop Cart 3.