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September 20th Update

Hey everyone. Hope the first few weeks have been going well.  

We still have not heard when Laptop Cart 3 will be available.  Please don’t sign it out until I let you know it has arrived and is ready to go. (The missing laptops from Cart 1 & 2 should be approved and off to be fixed ASAP).

I’ll be coming around to Department Heads and asking about technology needs/wants for the year (as the Technology committee- which I chair- met on Monday Sept 18th).  So, let your DH’s know of any cool tech devices or software that would benefit you & your department and we will see what we can do about it!

A couple of other housekeeping things: 

  1. Please remember to put iPads & Laptops away properly (and in a timely fashion at the end of each block).
  2. Any School website updates can be sent to myself of Sherry. 
  3. If you haven’t set your MyEDBC up for cumulative grading, the option will be again available on Nov 6th (when the portal is open for the end of Term 1).
  4. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with implementing (ie: Updating a department website, using some new software in class, etc).  I’m eager to help (and learn myself if it is something new to me as well)!

What’s new?

Hello Central staff, 

This semester I am exploring the world of Google Classroom. I’m really appreciating the collaborative aspect of the suite of tools (Docs, Slides). If you would like to learn more about Google Suite (G-Suite) or the Google Classroom, let me know!

On going projects at Central include website development for the VAPA and Social Studies Departments. 

If you have an idea for a technology enabled lesson/unit, let me know! I’d love to hear about what you’re doing and offer my help. 

In other news, the technology leadership students have been busy keeping the carts tidy; please remember to plug in all mobile devices before returning them to the library to ensure they are fully charged and ready to go for the next class. Check my previous post to review procedures 🙂 In addition to their maintenance duty, the kids are going to be starting their own tech blogs, posting tech tips for students at Central! A link to their blogs will be added here shortly 🙂

Semester 2!


I hope you all have had a great first week of S2! A couple of updates:

  • Our online tech sign up is up and ready to go, with a new feature: you can now click on a date from the “School Calendar” sheet & follow the link to jump directly to that place in the spreadsheet! Easy!
  • We now have two awesome tech leadership helpers this semester who are ready to help with your basic technology needs (broken mouse? let us know!)
  • I’ve been curating some resources on this site (see resources section). If you have any resources that you use frequently that you think others would be interested in checking out, let me know! I will continue to add resources as I find and vet them 🙂 

Also, if you could please review the laptop/iPad procedures with yourself & your students, it would be greatly appreciated! This is especially relevant to new staff: 

Mobile Device Procedures

  • Do a quick count before handing out devices (31 laptops, 30 ipads) 
  • Have students carefully  unplug and remove devices; laptop cart trays can be pulled out to make this easier 
  • Have students use the same device every time; makes management easier!
  • Monitor use – kids can pick keys off of the laptops! 
  • Have students make sure they finish logging off of their laptop before closing the lid (black screen = done!)
  • Return devices to the correct location in the cart (#1 goes in slot 1, etc.)
  • Make sure the devices are plugged in before you close up the cart. Laptops use the plug to the left of their slot – please ask students not to pull on the cables as it unplugs them in the back of the cart
  • Do a final count before returning to the Library
  • Report problems either directly to Lisa or myself, or leave a note on the cart. 

Thanks team!

-Michelle, Queen of spreadsheets. 

December Review

Lots of interesting projects going on this month – discussions with PE dept on how they can integrate technology pieces to support the revised curriculum, and developing online ‘book club’ discussion spaces for English students. Many of us are continuing to use FreshGrade and having success with integrating reflective practice into our instructional design – also great way to communicate student learning with parents! We are hoping to get Office 365 up and running for the new year and second laptop cart is in the works! Lots of exciting things to come! 

Looking forward to the New Year and new projects!  Have a wonderful holiday everyone! 


Technology bookings are up!

Hi everyone, our online sign out sheets for the computer labs, iPads and laptop carts are all set up and ready for use! If you have questions about the procedures, please let me know!

New to the sign up sheets – as of November 24, you will be able to add room numbers to your booking so that it will be easier to track down the mobile carts.

I’m looking forward to more collaboration opportunities – let me know if you have a project you’d like to work on!

New space!

Hello everyone!

I’m shifting everything over to this WordPress site, but will keep the blog on the old site open a while longer for those who are interested in my ramblings. 

This new and improved webspace includes an online sign up area for tech tools (computer labs, ipads, laptops). Hopefully this makes your signout process easier and more efficient.