Laptop/Windows 10 Roll Out Updates

There are still a few staff who need to come and pick up their laptops.  I need to return the set up equipment ASAP so they can take it to their next location, so please see me ASAP (also, computers will be leaving soon, so you won’t have anything to do attendance on!)

Laptop carts are booked as unavailable for several days in a row- to allow the team time to complete them… As they finish them, I will make the remaining days available again. As always, thank you for your patience during this time!

B205 should be good to go today with Windows 10. B209 had a few “hiccups” and will be ready they hope by noon today. The library had its student computers completed.  The office staff will have their computers re-imaged for Windows 10 today after school (instead of tomorrow). And finally, the deferred devices will start to be available throughout the day today.  As hey become ready, I’ll grab them and deliver them to you!


Also, as you can see, the Tech Blog had a “face lift”.  The one major change is the form I’ve created for tech help under the tab “Requesting Tech Help”.  This could be used for larger things such as help setting up an activity you’re planning at school, when a guest presenter comes in, or (what I would like to try to make more time for…especially after AP exams are done is) helping facilitate new and engaging tech adventures in your class!  As I know we might be customary to just shooting off an email (which you also might think is easier), but if we get in the habit of using the form I feel we will have a better idea of how we can assist you, but also put on the best presentation/event/etc…  As with all change, I know it will take some time getting use to it, but it’d be great if everyone would attempt to use the form. (There’s also a link to it in my email signature). 


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