GuyKu Haiku Samples

Divisions 2 and 10 did an excellent job writing haiku poems this month. Here are a few samples:

When the world whispers
“Give up,” Hope will tell you to
Try it one more time.

Cherry Blossoms
Falling gracefully
Soaring like a butterfly
Beautiful blossoms.

Hearing the loud waves 
Relaxing on the warm sand
Just my friends and I.

Shhh…says the oak tree
It whispers to the dark sky
The stars wink goodnight.

The stars in the sky,
Shine so very bright at night,
They must be alive…

I am a Canuck
Canucks win the Stanley Cup
This is now our year.

Vancouver Canucks
Are going to the next round
Nashville be prepared.

A sweet ride going
Down the street, driving so fast
Tires start to pop.

A peeking sunrise
Is glowing on the waters
In front of my eyes.

Skipping rocks fly top
Of the icy cold water
Going forever.

A tired red sun sets
Every night and the moon takes
Its place in the sky.

Dragons fly away
To their rocky cave in the
Evergreen forest.

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