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Apr. 30 – May 11, 2012 Read-a-Louds

For the next 2 weeks we will be looking at fiction and nonfiction, specifically “Twin Texts”. “Teachers who use fiction and nonfiction trade books together may be rewarded with students who are excited about learning. Twin Texts help teachers encourage the enjoyment of reading while capitalizing on students’ fascination of facts” (Deanne Camp, The Reading Teacher, Feb 2000).We will also be simultaneously looking at “narrative nonfiction”; nonfiction material told in a story format.

The first book we will read is About Hummingbirds by Cathryn Sill, a nonfiction guide to hummingbirds.

The week after, we will read a fiction story about hummingbirds, The Little Hummingbird by Michael Nicoll, for grades 1 – 3, and Little Green by Keith Baker for the Kindergarteners.

April is National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is celebrated throughout North America during the month of April every year. Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, this year is Poetry Month’s 16th birthday!

Visit Scholastic’s “Poetry Idea Engine” where you can create haiku, limericks, free verse and cinquain poetry. 

This week, division 1 will continue their genre studies by looking at Poetry. Each student will borrow a book of poems, and will choose his/her favourite to share with the class.

Apr. 23 – 27, 2012 Read-a-Louds


This week we will be talking about how to take care of the Earth. Author Todd Parr has an excellent message: “Every one of us can help protect the Earth and make it feel good. Remember: if we take care of it, it will take care of us.” The Kindergarteners and Grade 1’s will be reading Todd Parr’s, The Earth Book.

All other classes will be reading The Busy Beaver by Nicholas Oldland. The beaver is not very environmental, and he chews down many trees; will he learn to mend his ways when a tree falls on him?

Apr. 16 – 20, 2012 Read-a-Louds

This week we will be continuing with the story from last week: Escaping Titanic: A Young Girl’s True Story of Survival, by Marybeth Lorbiecki. We will learn about how and why the Titanic sank, and learn how the survivors were rescued by another ship, the Carpathia.

The Kindergarteners and the Grade 1’s will enjoy another new “Elephant & Piggie” book by Mo Willems: Elephants Cannot Dance! This story has a great message about being yourself.

Apr. 9-13, 2012 Read-a-Louds

THE TITANIC SINKS! APRIL 15, 1912 at 2:20 am

This week the Intermediate classes will be discussing the historical significance of the Titanic disaster, 100 years ago. We will be reading a survivor’s account of the terrible tragedy. Escaping Titanic: A Young Girl’s True Story of Survival, by Marybeth Lorbiecki, tells the story of 12-year-old Ruth Becker. Since this is a longer picturebook, we will be reading it in two parts: the first part this week, and the remainder next week.


There are many excellent websites about the Titanic. Click here for a list.



Kindergarteners and Grade 1 students will be reading the new Robert Munsch book, It’s My Room! This is a humorous story about a boy who finally gets his own room, but relatives keep coming over to visit.

We Share Everything!

Apr. 2 – 6, 2012 Read-a-Louds


I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! This week, the Primary grades will be reading Piggy Bunny by Rachel Vail. This is both an Easter story, and a story about individuality and self-confidence. Liam the piglet dreams of being the Easter Bunny, and he practices hopping, eating salad and delivering eggs. Will he succeed?

The Kindergarteners will be reading One More Egg by Sarah Emmanuelle Burg. This is a story about a Bunny who needs one more egg, and he asks Chicken, and they go on a wild “goose-chase”. But, why does Bunny need an egg? Could Bunny be the Easter Bunny?