School-Wide Home Reading Program

Cascade Heights’ school-wide home reading program is run by Ms. Lehnert in the Library. The program runs from the beginning of October until the end of May every year. This year, our theme continues from last year: Paws for Reading.

Who can join?

  • any student in any grade
  • **Please note: some teachers have their own home reading programs and therefore opt out of the school-wide program to focus on building and strengthening their own classroom program, with the full support of the Library**

How do students participate?

  • students try to read (or be read to) every night for at least 15 minutes
  • every night a student reads for at least 15 minutes, he/she can fill out one of the squares on the appropriate reading sheet – parents must date and initial each square **Please note: students may only record once per evening, regardless of how long they read for**
  • once a sheet has been filled up completely, the student must give the sheet to either his/her teacher, or directly to Ms. Lehnert in the Library

What are the rewards for completing a reading sheet?

  • students receive “Paw charms” in one of at least 12 colours, selected by the student
  • the first “Paw charm” rewarded (at 25 nights of reading) comes attached to a metal bead chain that can be opened and closed
  • any subsequent “Paw charms” rewarded are to be added to the chain, along with the first charm (extra chains are not available)
  • if a student finishes the program by completing 200 nights of reading by the end of May, he/she will be rewarded with a special “glow-in-the-dark Paw charm” to be added to the chain, and will have a brand new library book dedicated to them with a special sticker on the inside cover – the student will be the very first person to take-out and read the new library book – the dedication sticker remains in the book for the book’s life
  • **Please note: the dedicated books are brand new library books (purchased with district funds, from the library account) that will enter regular circulation (available to all)  in September of the following school year – students are therefore, not allowed to keep the books**
  • students are quite proud when they see their dedication sticker in a new book chosen by them, and often, students will look inside books to see if it has been dedicated to someone!

What are the 6 levels of reading to reach 200 nights?

  1. 25 nights
  2. 50 nights
  3. 75 nights
  4. 100 nights
  5. 150 nights
  6. 200 nights

For more info and answers to commonly asked questions, please check out the School-Wide Home Reading FAQ’s page.


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