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Apr. 2 – 6, 2012 Read-a-Louds


I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! This week, the Primary grades will be reading Piggy Bunny by Rachel Vail. This is both an Easter story, and a story about individuality and self-confidence. Liam the piglet dreams of being the Easter Bunny, and he practices hopping, eating salad and delivering eggs. Will he succeed?

The Kindergarteners will be reading One More Egg by Sarah Emmanuelle Burg. This is a story about a Bunny who needs one more egg, and he asks Chicken, and they go on a wild “goose-chase”. But, why does Bunny need an egg? Could Bunny be the Easter Bunny?


Jan. 23 – 27, 2012 Library Happenings


This week the Library is still being used for testing, so book borrowing will only be allowed on Monday and Friday. All classes will be visiting on one of those days. We have many Chinese New Year books ready to be borrowed!

Read-a-Louds Jan 3 – 6




Welcome back after the Winter Break! This week we will be reading a couple of books. For K to 1, we will be reading Robert Munsch’s new book Give Me Back My Dad! This story is a result of an online poll that Scholastic held last Fall – students were given 3 different storylines, and the one with the most votes would be the story that Robert Munsch would write. This book contains the winning storyline, and true to Munsch’s writing style, is quite funny!





For grades 2 to 7 students (who visit the library for story-time), we will be reading a traditional French-Canadian folktale, The Flying Canoe, retold by Eric A. Kimmel.

This folktale has many versions, and has been altered since it was first published in the late 1800’s. The original publication had the story taking place on New Year’s Eve instead of Christmas Eve, and the main characters were loggers instead of voyageurs. The sinister element of the story has been toned down to make the story suitable for younger students; in the original story, it is El Diablo who visits the loggers and offers them a ride in the canoe back to their homes for New Year’s Eve. Grades 6 and 7 students will be comparing the original story to this newer version.

Read-a-Louds Dec 12 – 16

Since the Holiday Season is soon upon us, this week we will listen to a recorded story, The Night Before Christmas, originally written by Clement C. Moore in the 1820’s. Even though this classic poem/story is almost 200 years old, it is still iconic and loved by many children and adults alike.

This version is performed by the legendary group “Peter, Paul and Mary” – it includes a musical version of the poem, and a narrative version as well, all on CD. Happy Holidays to everyone!

January 31 – February 4 Read-a-Louds

In recognition of Chinese/Lunar New Year on February 3rd, this week the Kindergarten classes will be listening to “My First Chinese New Year” by Karen Katz. Grade 1 students will be listening to “Bringing In the New Year” by Grace Lin. Grades 2 thru 7 will be listening to Jane Yolen’s “The Seeing Stick,” a folktale from China. This is the year of the Rabbit, and any students born in 1999 have the Rabbit as their lucky Lunar animal.