Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mar 7 – Mar 11 Read-a-Louds

For this week, all classes will be reading The Sandwich Swap by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. This is a story about 2 girls who both eat the same sandwich for lunch every day – Lily eats peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and Salma eats hummus sandwiches. One day, Lily decides to tell Salma that her sandwich looks “yucky”, and thus begins a tale of tolerance and celebrating diversity.

Have you ever tried hummus? It’s a very tasty dip/spread made of chickpeas. Many middle eastern countries, such as Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria eat it regularly. For a kid-friendly recipe to make hummus, click here.

Feb 28 – Mar 4 Read-a-Louds

This week, all classes (except Kindergarten) will be reading a book called What If Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick. It is a fun book that shows what can happen if people break the rules, especially if you think that it won’t hurt if it’s only you. Scenarios include what if everybody splashed “a little” in the neighbourhood pool – there would be no water left! Also, what if everybody threw “just one” soda can out the window – we would have an environmental disaster with pop cans everywhere! The main message in the story is that there are consequences to thoughtless behaviors.

The Kindergarteners will be reading Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin. This is a humorous story about colours and not getting upset when something goes wrong. There is also a song that goes with the book at HarperCollins Children’s books.