Back to School 2017/2018

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another wonderful school year!  Michelle has moved on to bigger things at the District level, helping roll out Office 365, so I’ve been tasked with filling (or making an attempt to) her shoes. 

The website here has stayed relatively the same.  As most of our staff is returning from last year, you will remember that we had the Options of “bookable teachers” as well as “Outreach in the Classroom” to better assist your classroom needs.  This year, we will not have either of these options available to you; I’ve thus removed them from the website. 

Booking Technology will be the same as last year: type in the password, and book laptops, iPads, computer labs or library space as needed.   We will be receiving a THIRD (yippie!) laptop cart in the fall.  We are hoping it will be up and operational by October.  This will help alleviate the fact that, due to classroom needs, there is no computer lab that is available to classroom teachers in Period 4 of the first semester, and the Mac Lab is the only lab available in Period 2 (If you do need the lab in Period 2, remember that the Mac Lab cannot access student or teacher School Connect profiles, so you can’t open/save any work that is on the district server).

I’ll be speaking more about this at the Staff Meeting as well in a welcome email. 

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