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Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds – Reader’s Response

Sky Color

This week, Divisions 2 and 3 will be reading the newest Peter H. Reynolds book, Sky Color. We will be doing a follow-up activity using visualization and “picture words”. Students will listen to the story (no pictures will be shown), and create pictures in their minds. Then, students will draw one of the pictures in their mind, and use picture words to describe the image. To complete the activity, students will answer 2 questions: “Why did you choose to draw this picture?” and “What is the message in the story and how can you apply it to your everyday life?”

Here is an excellent example from Division 2:

Why did you choose to draw this picture?
I chose to draw this picture because it was the image that stood out the most to me during the story. Also, because it was one of the most important scenes in the whole story. The third and last reason I drew this picture is because I thought that the message of the story was mostly revealed in this scene.

What is the message in this story and how can you apply it to your everyday life?
I think that the message is that everyone thinks differently. The sky doesn’t always have to be the colour blue. It can be any kind of colour you want it to be. The message applies to everyday life in a situation where at school, a classmate has an idea but everyone disagrees with it, when they should actually be open to new ideas and not what everyone else says.