Canadian Sikhs to mark April as annual Sikh Heritage Month; Opening in  Ontario on April 1


April 1st marked the beginning of Sikh Heritage Month.  This is a time to commemorate, celebrate and educate ourselves on the many contributions of the Sikh community, including the pivotal role they play in both in Canadian history and in the communities across Canada.

Below is the official statement from Canada’s Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion on Sikh Heritage Month.

OTTAWA, April 1, 2022

Today, Canadians across the country mark the beginning of Sikh Heritage Month. This is a great time for us to recognize the many past and current contributions of the Sikh community in making Canada the country that it is today.

Since the arrival of the first Sikh immigrants in the late 19th century, the Sikh community has helped make Canada a stronger country through its accomplishments in many different parts of our society.

Whether it’s politics, sciences, arts, business, or sports, the Sikh community has helped shape Canada’s cultural fabric. Our country is the proud home of more than 500,000 members of the Sikh community, making Canada home of one of the largest Sikh diasporas in the world.

The values of equality, selflessness, openness and compassion are the core principles of Sikhism, and these values will be highlighted during Vaisakhi later this month.  

As Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, I invite people across the country to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow Sikh citizens both in April and throughout the year.

Have a great Sikh Heritage Month!