February 1st marked the beginning of Black History Month.  While we recognize that the realities of people of African descent must be reflected in school experiences all year long, the month of February affords us a special time for focused reflection on the lived experiences of Black people.

This year, the Social Studies Department and Diversity Club invited staff and students to participate in a community wide initiative celebrating Black culture and the significant contributions of people of African descent from across the globe.  This initiative was designed as an entry point to foster meaningful conversations about Black history.  Teachers and students alike appreciated learning about the purpose, importance, and history behind Black History Month, as well as about the challenges and accomplishments of historic and contemporary people of African descent.   Some students chose to give classroom presentations, some designed posters to display, and some created school-wide announcements in an effort to both educate themselves and their community.

Below we share some of the very important and meaningful work we are doing throughout the month of February and beyond to better educate ourselves and become better allies!