To learn more about Japanese Canadian history and experiences  in Canada, choose the Short (10 minute) or Long lesson (30 mins) from below.

Both lessons are taken from the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby.  A PDF has also been provided.

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Japanese Canadian Heritage lessons


Long Lesson (30 Mins)

Ask An Elder 

Experiences of Japanese Canadians before and after World War II

  1. Watch Aki’s story (22 minutes) about growing up Japanese Canadian before, during, and after he and his family were interned during the Second World War.
  2. As you watch, record any questions do you have about his experiences? Post a question and Aki will pick some questions to answer once a week! Check the “Aki’s responses” file to see answers to previous questions.

Aki’s story & question submission:


Short Lesson (10 mins)

What is a Hero?

Extraordinary Japanese Canadians

  1. Visit the Nikkei Stories website:
  2. Choose one video from the following:
    • Masumi Mitsui
    • Tom Shoyama
    • Etsuji Morii
    • Tomekichi Homma
    • Rintaro Hayashi
    • Hide Hyodo Shimizu
    • Lives of Women


3. Choose 5 words that you would use to describe a hero.  Write each word in the chart column: Qualities of a Hero

     4. As  you watch the video,  jot down some examples of Japanese Canadians being heroes.

     5. Share with the class if you think the person you learned about is a hero.  Share reasons why or why not?


Qualities of a Hero

Examples of Japanese Canadian being hero.